Accessibility isn’t the problem. Fast fashion has grown out of control that is damaging both the planet and people, and it’s time that the industry reinvent itself. In our opinion, recycled material, plant based fabric, and compostable packaging aren’t the solution. Sustainability in fashion is simple - a reduction in overproduction and overconsumption. The fashion industry overproduces product by 30-40% each season. The standard used to be two collections a year and now fast fashion brands can develop, produce and launch a new collection in 10 days, resulting in 52 micro-collections a year. Instagram’s “Zara hauls” and “Expensive vs Less Looks” are contributing to an unhealthy consumer mindset. We chase of-the-minute trends and treat our clothing as disposable. The average American now buys 65 new garments and sends 81 lbs of textiles to landfill a year. Globally, we produce 13 million tons of textile waste each year. We’ve gone from purchasing an average of 9 pieces of clothing a year in 1930 to 65 in 2017. 30-40% of clothing purchases are returned and what consumers don’t know is that their returns go straight to landfill.

At GALLELLO ATELIER, our made-to-order business model ensures no wasted product. We only make a garment once we receive a customer's order. If a product isn't selling, we simply remove it from our offering. We believe in creating timeless designs will always hold a place in your wardrobe.

We make each garment with the highest level of craftsmanship intended to last a lifetime.

Join us in building a timeless wardrobe for a sustainable future.